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Why Use An Ultra-Zone System?

The Ultra-Zone zone control systems provide personalized comfort of heating and air conditioning equipment for home and offices.

The Ultra-Zone system utilizes motorized dampers controlled by room thermostats to selectively control the temperature for each zone of the home or building. This is called "zoning."

We are zoning off areas so that we can allow tighter control of the heating and cooling. This is very similar to the lighting and plumbing systems in a house.


  • Total Comfort

  • Added Convenience

  • Energy Savings

You do not have one main light switch that turns 'on' and 'off' all the lights in your house, nor do you have one faucet that turns 'on' and 'off' all of the water in the house. Each system has separate controls for each room and fixture.

The Ultra-Zone system will allow that same degree of control for your heating and cooling.

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