GeneralAire GA10 Humidifier Vapor Pad

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Product Details - The GeneralAire 7900 is the correct replacement vapor pad for the following humidifier models:

  • GeneralAire 570
  • Honeywell HE220
  • Honeywell HE225
  • AprilAire 110
  • AprilAire 220
  • AprilAire 500
  • AprilAire 550
  • AprilAire 558
  • Source1 S1-HU112MB

The GeneralAire GA10 Humidifier Vapor Pad is a replacement vapor pad for the GeneralAire 570 Elite Flow Through Humidifer, as well as several humidifier models from Honeywell, AprilAire, and Source1. The hot air from the humidifier's furnace is first bypassed through the GA10 VaporPad. Afterwards moisture is evaporated in this humidifier filter pad and finally absorbed into the airflow of your home's heating system, resulting in maximum comfort.

GeneralAire recommends a Vapor Pad replacement in your humidifier at least once a year for the proper humidity output and the optimization of your indoor comfort.

GeneralAire GA10 Humidifier Vapor Pad specifications:

  • OEM part
  • GFI number 4700
  • Replace vapor pad once a year for the best results
  • Draws in hot air, absorbs it, and then distributes humidity throughout the home
  • Compatible with the 570A and 570M humidifier models from GeneralAire, and several models from AprilAire, Honywell, and Source1
  • Category : Aprilaire filters
  • Category : GeneralAire

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7900 is used in the following Models
GeneralAire 570
Honeywell HE220
Honeywell HE225
Aprilaire 110
Aprilaire 220
Aprilaire 500
Aprilaire 550
Aprilaire 558
Source1 S1-HU112MB

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