GeneralAire 990-13 Replacement Humidifier Filter

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Product Details - The General G13PR is the correct filter pad replacement for the following furnace humidifier models:

  • General 709
  • General 990
  • General 1040
  • General 1042
  • General 1137
  • General 990-13
  • General SL-16
  • General SL16 series
  • Hamilton 10 HF
  • Williamson Power 500
  • Williamson Power 400-13

The GeneralAire 990-13 Replacement Humidifier Filter that is also known as part number G13PR. This Generalaire humidifier filter has a super absorbent coating for maximum water distribution and increased humidity output. The excess coating may come off before using. We offer this replacement humidifier filter in the paper version of the General 990-13 Humidifier Filter Pad (G13WPR). To increase the efficiency of your humidifier, this General 990-13 humidifier filter is coated with a non-soluble wetting agent.

The General G13PR specifications:

  • Part number G13PR
  • Contains one filter
  • Replace filter twice a season
  • Dimensions: 9-3/4"x12-1/4"x1-1/2"
  • Fits General, Hamilton and Williamson Power humidifier systems used with forced air furnace systems to provide humidification for your whole house.

The General 990-13 humidifier filter is used in flow-through humidifiers. Replace your General humidifier filter twice a season for optimum performance based on usage.

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GeneralAire 990-13 Replacement Humidifier Filter Product

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