GeneralAire 1099-20 Evaporator Filter Pad

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Product Details - The GeneralAire 7047 is the correct replacement filter for the following humidifier models:

  • GeneralAire 1099
  • GeneralAire 1099L
  • GeneralAire 1099LH
  • GeneralAire 1099R

The GeneralAire 1099-20 Evaporator Filter Pad is a replacement filter for the GeneralAire Legacy Model Humidifiers 1099, 1099L, 1099LH, and 1099R. This evaporator pad measures 14 1/4" wide and 12" in height, and collects mineral deposits from the water in your Legacy humidifier. The GeneralAire 109920 replacement humidifier pad features aluminum evaporator material enclosed in heavy wire frame and channeling for maximum efficiency, as well as super absorbent coating for efficient water distribution and increased output of humidity. GeneralAire recommends you replace this Legacy humidifier pad once a year to achieve optimal results.

GeneralAire 1099-20 Evaporator Filter Pad specifications:

  • OEM part
  • GFI number 7047
  • Part number 1099-20
  • Replace filter once a year
  • Dimensions; 14.25" x 12" x 1.5"
  • Compatible with the 1099, 1099L, 1099LH, and 1099R humidifiers
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GeneralAire 1099-20 Evaporator Filter Pad Product

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